Long after the purge of Earth, humanity holds the pieces of its destroyed culture tightly. Now, on the brink of extinction, with no home to return to, humanity must redefine itself. Though they need not start from scratch. They have a piece of Old Earth that could never be destroyed or taken away. They have the glory and the pride of the old world to help shape their future.

They have Fútbol.

Much like in Old Fútbol, two teams (Barcenova and Space Brazil) are competing to get the ball into the goal. However, humanity abandoned terrestrial life generations ago. Small planetoids and a sun lie in the field of play, making it necessary to adapt to the changing forces. The result is a slidey, desperate, inertia-guided shoutfest masquerading as a minimalist sports game. Fútbol Forever is currently a 4 player local multiplayer game that was designed to be played in a public space, such as a bar. My co-designer/developer Anthony Marefat and I submitted this game for our Parsons Design & Technology MFA thesis. It began as an openFrameworks experiment, but we ported it to Unity as the game’s potential became apparent.

Fútbol Forever currently exists as an arcade cabinet as part of the Death By Audio Arcade, and has been exhibited at many galleries and events including the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Flowers for All Occasions, MAGFest, and World Maker Faire.